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From the first to the best, customer-oriented company EverGreen


EverGreen is a disposable respirator manufacturing company.
Our product innovation was possible because we had a mission to
protect the importance of life and the safety of everyone.

We will not stop innovating. We will prevent regional, national, and
global infectious diseases and overcome crises to take responsibility
the health and sustainable tomorrow of all mankind.
Please give us a lot of encouragement and support.

Evergreen Co., Ltd. Is a disposable respirator manufacturing company, a traditional company that localized
facial filtration respirators for the first time in Korea in 1996. It is also an innovative company that always
introduces new manufacturing methods and innovative products by launching the brand ‘CleanTop’
CleanTop is not just a respirator brand. Behind the net functions such as blocking harmful substances,
comfortable breathing, antibacterial effects, and ease of desorption are the mission of ‘protecting the safety,
of all mankind and protecting life.’
Currently, around the world suffering a lot from the global COVID-19 disaster.
They are losing their property, losing their jobs, and losing their lives. In recognition of our contribution to global disaster overcoming efforts,
we received the “Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit" from the country in 2021 and were selected
as a G-PASS company by the Korea Public Procurement Service.
In the future, EverGreen, as a representative respirator company for K-Disaster, will achieve 3.3 ‘prevent
diseases and other infectious diseases’ and 12.7 ‘promote sustainable public procurement’
of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) with great responsibility and contribute to detailed goals. Thank you.

By 2030, end the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and neglected tropical
diseases and combat hepatitis, water-borne diseases and other communicable diseases

SDG 12.7
Promote public procurement practices that are sustainable,
in accordance with national policies and priorities

EverGreen CEO 이승환


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