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Certified by 4 international certification authorities, EverGreen manufactures
its products with CleanTop’s excellent performance and quality.


EverGreen achieves the best quality through technology development and automation.

Top class of production
quality control

We maintain 15% or higher quality level than the standards set by the country.
We are maintain the best products having a hage data of quality control through long experience of manufacturing disposable respirator.
Our value has been recognized through various certifications in domestic and overseas countries.

Quality Control

  • - With high-efficiency filter, optimal production technology, and new ideas, we manufacture our products that meet the needs of our customers with excellent performance and unparalleled functionality, and low prices.
  • - Our performance standards exceeds the national standards by over 15%. In order to maintain this quality level, we follow the ISO 9001 standards. We were the first in Korea to receive the safety certification KCs mark in disposable respirators.
  • - We obtained international certifications from Europe, the U.S., Australia, China, and Japan and our products are recognized worldwide for their quality.

Defect Inspection

  • - To have zero defects, 15% of production personnel are put into production inspection and quality management.
  • - Aiming to achieve the “zero defects” goal during the inspection process, we take necessary quality control measures during each process in parallel. We eliminate the possible root cause of defects when receiving raw materials and remove any defects during each process from molding to adhesion. When defective items are found, they are immediately placed in the defect collection box. The quality management team will them collect them to analyze the cause of the defect and provide feedback, after which the cause of the defect will be removed and the item discarded.
  • - We were the first Korean company to utilize expensive testing equipment to measure capture efficiency and inhalation/exhalation resistance, performing real-time quality control of our finished products.

(TSI-8130: The same equipment used by the Korea Occupational Safe and Health Agency)

  • Technology Development
  • Productivity
  • Highest Quality
    Best Price

Because masks and respirators are protective gears that come in contact with the wearer’s mouth and nose,
we follow ISO 14001:2015 standards to maintain cleanliness and safety during the manufacturing process.
Our products are produced in apartment-type facilities to ensure cleanliness and safety for all workers and to improve product quality.


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